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Cleanse. Hydrate. Repair.

Premium care for the premium man.

Curated by experts, we’ve created an essential line of skin, body and hair products for men. From head to toe, we’ve got you covered. Literally.

Cleanse. Hydrate. Repair.

Premium care for the premium man.

Try any of our skincare routine sets for free. See results in just 30 days.
Not ready for a subscription? Shop all a la carté skin, hair, and body care.
Cleanse. Hydrate. Repair.

Premium care for the premium man.

Try any of our skincare routine sets for free. See results in just 30 days.
Not ready for a subscription? Shop all a la carté skin, hair, and body care.

We sought out the highest quality, most effective ingredients. We traveled countless miles to consult skincare experts in Seoul. We did it all for the greater good of man (and his skin).

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Why Lumin?

Hand back your partner/mom/sister’s eye cream, cause it just ain’t gonna cut it. Men’s skin is a whole other ball game—it’s thicker, tougher, and structured differently than women’s. We craft products tailored to your skin type and formulate regimens that actually take your skin issues head-on.

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Dry skin, face fatigue, fine lines, and wrinkles. We’ve got a thing or two for that.

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Hair & Body

Fortify your hair follicles, give thinning areas some volume, and treat your body’s skin like driving your dream car off the lot.

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We’ll let some of the guys do the talking
I just love this product.
“I stumbled upon it on Instagram and decided to give it a try. I have to admit my skin really improved. It looks much healthier now. I stayed with a moisturizer and now use all the products. Highly recommended!!!”
My skin has never been healthier
“My skin has been healthier and complexion clearer since beginning with Lumin 3 months ago. I tried their initial month trial, and was impressed (specifically with the moisturizer). Highly recommended!”
- JIM S.
High Quality and Convenient
“I've been using this product for months now. Starting from their free trial. Between the value and quality, it is a perfect balance. The convenience of having the product shipped directly to your door without having to think about it is amazing. It may seem pricey for some but is certainly worth every penny.”
See Ya, Dark Circles
“I absolutely love the DARK CIRCLE DEFENSE cream! I have a subscription so I never run out of the product. I was looking and looking for a product to help with darkness under the eye. This cream has really improved my under eye area. Also, side note - their customer service is great, I recently was sent the wrong product and they quickly responded and sent the correct item, I really appreciated their prompt service”
Clear Skin & Compliments
“My skin felt instantly cleaner! I’ve had a number of people mention how much better my skin looks and how I look more energized!”
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